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Direct to Film has won the hearts of many decorators and clients alike in recent years. With its durability, diversity and ease of application, the quality for price point on this print is hard to beat.

There are various factors to help you decide which medium works best for a project. Here is a basic list for this technique that might help...

You might want to use this method if:

  • there are multiple colors in your design & designs are intricate

  • there are multiple placements (front, back, sleeve, etc.)

  • the quantity of order is higher (for smaller size designs)

  • the quantity of order is lower (for larger size designs)

  • you have tight deadlines to meet 

  • you like the look/feel of direct to film application on garment

This is a great way to print your garments. For your specific project, there may be a better way for your bottom line, turn-around time and/or product quality.


Check out our other options on "Printing Methods" page and reach out with questions/comments to Work & Play.

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