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Direct to Garment is used for pieces you want to dye directly into the garment for a smooth and seamless feel. Examples of good candidates are when you want a picture or multi-colored image into wearable garment.  The better quality artwork, the better quality of your final product.  

There are various factors to help you decide which medium works best for a project. Here is a basic list for this technique that might help...

You might want to use this method if:

  • using 100% cotton garments for best result

  • utilizing one placement (front center, back center)

  • quantity of order is lower

  • you like the look/feel of direct to garment on product

This is a great way to print your garments. For your specific project, there may be a better way for your bottom line, turn-around time and/or product quality.


Check out our other options on "Printing Methods" page and reach out with questions/comments to Work & Play.

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